How to Start a Coin Collection

Lincoln centCoin Collecting is a challenging, fun and interesting hobby. It has been called the hobby of kings since only the extremely high could afford to collect coins. In modern times, it is actually the most popular hobby in the United States and is accessible to all people.

The heart of collecting coins is having fun. How someone assembles their collection is completely up to them. It can be acquired simply by searching through pocket change at the end of the day. A faster, but still affordable method is to search rolls acquired at a bank for face value. An agreeable method might be to trade with other fellow coin collectors. More advanced methods include purchasing coins from coin dealers or at coin auctions.

There are a number of common types of collections that most people seem to fall under. The first is collecting coins by country. A collector might seek to acquire a coin issued by every country or a particular group of countries. This is a favorite of travelers and also traders since it is common to trade coins with people in other countries.

Another method of collecting is to try to assemble each year and mint mark for a particular series. This method became more popular after coin boards made their appearance early in the 1900’s. Coin boards include a slot for each separate date and mint mark combination. Collectors will attempt to find an example of each and place it into the board. In modern times, the coin board has been replaced by special coin albums.

Collectors may also seek to assemble coin collections by type. This entails find one of each different type of coin, based on denomination and design, for a single country. This can be a very interesting and rewarding experience to have a complete assemblage of the coinage from one country’s entire history.